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The Asian Market..!!

Total 205 Network Operators across the Continent

The 100 million club - There are 14 countries in the world with over 100 million mobile subscriptions, ranging from China with 1.2 billion to Mexico with 102.7 million. The newest additions to 100 million club are Vietnam, Bangladesh, The Philippines and Mexico; several countries such as Iran and Egypt are knocking at the door.

1.    The top 14 countries account for more than 61 percent of the world’s total mobile subscriptions.
2.    29 percent of the world’s mobile users live in India and China. Subscriber numbers in either country dwarf the number of subscribers in third place USA.


GSM/EDGE to experience modest growth:

Modest growth in population coverage for GSM/EDGE will be observed between 2015 and 2021 mainly due to two factors. Firstly, the technology is already the most popular in several countries, servicing the majority of those populations. Secondly, by 2021 regional population coverage for this technology will be affected as several operators in developed markets, such as Singapore and Australia, plan to close their GSM/EDGE networks.


Mobile Subscriptions


5G Outlook for APAC:

Key to the 5G vision is that networks must be higher performing, and more virtualised and service-driven than today’s networks.

Cellular technology (2G/3G/4G) has evolved to improve spectrum efficiency, coverage and capacity, and generate sufficient revenue from data traffic (the volume of which has grown exponentially in recent years). The vision for 5G appears more revolutionary, but is also a ‘wish list’ for improvements to nearly all aspects of telecoms and service delivery, including:

1.  Virtualised infrastructure, software defined, cloud oriented for lower-cost networks that are more flexible and scalable service-driven networks, user-experience-driven rather than transport-oriented, offering telco-grade reliability.

2.  Real-time performance, supporting voice and interactive video.
3.  Everything connected, incorporating M2M and IoT as well as smartphones and other consumer devices.

ABI Research, the leader in transformative technology innovation market intelligence, projects that mobile broadband operators will reap 5G revenues of $247 billion in 2025 with North America, Asia-Pacific, and Western Europe being the top markets. Specifically, network operators, vendors, and standards bodies will finalize technical details concerning the millimeter wave by 2020, with rollout ramping up afterward.

“5G will be a fast growing cellular technology, most probably faster than preceding generations including 4G,” says Joe Hoffman, Managing Director and Vice President at ABI Research. “The technology migration over the next few years will mean the continued decline of 2G. 3G and 4G will grow in many markets but 5G will generate new use cases and market revenues